About Us

Celebrating UMass Dartmouth’s stories since 1971

As a “temper of the times,” Temper Literary Review embodies the spirit of UMass Dartmouth’s writing community.

Since 1971, we have offered a space for UMass Dartmouth students to share and publish their creative works.

Each year, Temper publishes creative works produced by students at UMass Dartmouth – fiction, poetry, and nonfiction.

Temper celebrates stories. And so do you.

Connect to UMass Dartmouth’s Literary Community

Temper is a literary arts publication made annually by students at UMass Dartmouth. We are committed to providing students from all backgrounds the opportunity to publish their creative work and to mingle with the literary community at large.

Since 1971, we’ve showcased the impressive work created by students at UMass Dartmouth. We accept all types of creative work – short stories, poetry, plays, artwork, etc. You name it, we’ve published it.

Have a question? Looking to submit a short story, poem, or artwork? Email Temper@umassd.edu.