Poetry by Jason Rodriguez Tavares


Once more I tread this course,

One I know far too well,

I enter with hope as well as caution,

For I hope to know your beauty as well as I do your horrors

I am soaked in the overwhelming need for you,

Yet I still feel the burns from our last encounter,

So why do I still long for you?

Is it truly in search of your beauty?

Or maybe it’s something a bit more selfish—

Maybe I don’t want to be alone any longer

Maybe I’ve gone insane

But if so, then haven’t we all?



The Road

I drive and drive and drive

Down this dimly lit road everyday

My tires anxiously roll down the poorly paved asphalt

I never know what’s ahead of me until it’s arrived

And when it does, I steer through and around the perilous obstacles

Obstacles that never seem to cease or give me a break

Fear is constantly in my ear, pleading for me to pull over

But there has to be light at the end of this dim dim road

So I drive and drive and drive



We are planets

stuck in each others gravitational pull

But we are small planets

And our gravity can only do so much

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