Pain or Shame You Decide- by Gregorie Marshall

Is it Pain

Or is it Shame

When a human Heart

Loses Space

To call on Grace

To show Empathy

For another Heart

Journeys are Unknown

On the moments of the Days

To rather be Silent

Callous words

Can only be a Path

When comes the day

Grace finds its Place

To be given in a Way

That lacking the Knowledge

Or authority to Judge

That Grace

That is the only Requirement

Not to deepen another’s Pain

The noble Silence

Takes the place

In order to remain

In God’s good Grace

Simply to Ask

Since one has no Tears

With the Coldest

Hand that Claim

The Human has capacity

To replace the lack of Grace

Humbled in the Face

Of another Pain

The gift God gave

To who can not

Decipher the difference

Between Pain or Shame

For the Others


Good Night

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